Modular Offices

In-plant Modular offices designed with the flexibility to be reconfigured for your changing facilities requirements. Our systems are designed to accommodate small to multi-office complexes of several thousand feet. The flexibility and reusability of our systems allows future reconfiguration of your space. Modular office walls can be customized with a variety of colors and textures. Add a mezzanine and double or triple your space! WE INSTALL

A Vision Tower: A vision tower modular office allows maximum use of limited floor space. Excellent for supervisory offices with a clearview of  work plant areas. Standard designs use 100-psf floor load l/240 deflection. Stairs meet strict UBC, BOCA, and OSHA codes.

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Clear wide spans allow open space below for working areas. Designed to meet all seismic zones. Connections are bolt assembly, no welding required.

Modular vs. Stick-Built:

Save Time: Modular Offices are installed in less than half the time it takes for stick-construction.  TIME IS MONEY!

Stay Flexible: Modular Offices can be reconfigured easily at any time.  Inplant offices’ wall systems are non-progressive which means individual panels can be removed or replaced without having to remove any other panels or ceilings.

Save Money: Modular Offices are fully functioning, pre-engineered buildings with doors, windows, and electrical components.  Check with your accountant, they may be considered CAPITAL EQUIPMENT for tax purposes – which means it depreciates over 7 years versus 39 years for conventional construction.  Also, modular construction eliminates the need for multiple trades/subcontractors.  One installer does the majority of the work!

Stay on Schedule: From concept to completion in 3-4 weeks!  No subcontractor delays,.  Construction is 80% complete upon arrival.

"The Tampa Police Departments Evidence Control Section recently received the final delivery and installation of metal shelving for the newly refurbished evidence warehouse located within the Impound Lot.  I want to thank you again for the outstanding service and patience your company and employees have demonstrated towards the Tampa Police Department."

-Stephen Hogue, Tampa Chief of Police

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