An afternoon with WireCrafters!

Need to create off-limit areas with restricted access? What about keeping medications, electronics or valuable stock secure?

This past week we had the pleasure of meeting with WireCrafters, the nation’s leading manufacturer of woven and welded wire partitions, and our long term supplier for Wire Cages. We met with Garry, and learned all about the new features and variations that WireCrafters offers.

What does WireCrafters make?

WireCrafters makes wire partitions that may be used to construct strong and secure wire cages and mesh enclosures, storage lockers, safety barriers, machine guarding, and pallet rack backing. WireCrafters also manufactures guard rails, hand rails, and bicycle storage solutions.

Among the items we were most impressed with were Tenant Lockers and Condo Lockers

WireCrafters’ RapidWire line of all steel welded wire tenant lockers is an ideal way to secure residents’ personal items in multi-family building common storage areas. Many potential tenants view extra storage space as a selling point more valuable than even a pool or fitness area. For building owners, this economical storage solution can provide an extra source of revenue and customer satisfaction.

Feel free to reach out to us at 1-877-280-7273 ton learn more

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