Our latest visit from Mac Rak!

We regularly host marketing meetings to meet and share ideas with our different suppliers. This month we were excited to host Mac Rak. We went in-depth on all of the exciting ways Mac Rak can help our customers.

Mac Rak designs, engineers and manufactures all of their products in-house.

Mac Rak’s entire organization is solely dedicated to one business and one business alone:
provide the industry with exceptional world class, American made, pallet rack repair and
protection solutions.

Mac Rak punched post products are produced using prime 50,000 minimum yield steel. They cut, punch, form, weld, powder coat and inspect each product at their own facility. They produce over 26 column designs which allows Mac Rak to offer repairs for all types of racks on all types of rack systems. Here at Storage & Handling we are proud to offer Mac Rak Pallet Rack Repair kits. We invite you to stop by our warehouse to discuss with us more of what Mac Rak can do to help your business.

Mac Rak visits Storage & Handling in Clearwater, FL

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