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Pallet Jacks

Lift and move pallets with ease and efficiency with our pallet jacks Looking for an affordable solution to move pallets? No worries! Pallet jacks can ease your load while staying within your budget. We stock 5,500 lb capacity pallet jacks in both standard (27″ x 48″) and narrow (21″ x 48″) styles. We can also special order to meet your special order to meet your exact needs.

Pallet Jacks - Storage and Handling
Trucking Humor

A truck of Vicks vapor rub crashed on the highway…
Luckily there was no traffic congestion…

Cement truck driver stole my identity and nobody would believe me
But then I found some concrete evidence

I tried driving a truck with a trailer that was attached without using the proper equipment
It went off without a hitch.

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