Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

by LEWCO Inc.

LEWCO Conveyors are built to order based on our customer’s specifications. This approach allows us to provide equipment that is exactly as needed with short lead times. Leading the conveyor industry in built to order equipment, LEWCO’s wide range of sizes and options allow us to offer as our standard product what our competitors would consider special equipment and many of these models can ship in 24 hours. Our material handling equipment is divided into the following product classes: Gravity Conveyors, Belt Conveyors, Chain Driven Conveyors, Belt Driven Roller Conveyors, Transfers, and Accessories.

LEWCO Ball Tables with Pneumatic Pusher
An automotive parts supplier needed an ergonomic solution to provide a production parts buffer for both full and empty containers and the operator workstations.

To build a complete system the LEWCO integrator provided the lift and tilt stations. LEWCO built the ball transfers, mounted them to the lift tables and roller conveyor. At the onset, the plan was to manually push the empty container to the center take-away line. The customer then determined that full containers may need to be pushed out of the way from time to time, too. LEWCO Engineering developed an integral, low profile pusher to accomplish this task, with minimal impact on the overall height.

LEWCO also designed mechanical safety devices to eliminate inadvertent product movement. Lifts and tilts had to be the correct position in order for product to advance. Similar devices prevented back travel, or forward travel in unsafe conditions.

The customer wisely elected the option to fully set-up and run-off this conveyor at our facility. After some minor adjustments, the test was successful. This allowed the customer to install this system in a very short time window – minimizing its impact on the production line.

LEWCO offers a quality product that is cost effective and built to the highest industry standards. Reduction in manual material handling, improved product flow, better ergonomics and elimination of shipping damage are just some of the benefits of a well-designed LEWCO conveyor system.

Conveyor Systems

by Automated Conveyors

We offer versatile conveyors systems for your material handling facility. Our custom conveyor system engineers can create innovative solutions to suit any situation.

Since 1973, Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc. (ACSI), has been dedicated to providing dependable, long-lasting material handling conveyor systems for use throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We provide both standard-fit and custom-fit solutions that help you produce a rapid ROI (return on investment). ACSI offers vast material handling solutions, utilizing our diverse conveyor product line. Our services include:

* Material Handling Solution Development
* Engineered-to-Order
* Made-to-Order
* Zip-Ship Order Fulfillment (on select Power & Gravity Conveyors)
* AutoCad® Layout, if required, with order

Manufacturing engineers trust our inside sales department. Each seasoned sales professional is trained in conveyor applications and pricing so they may respond quickly and accurately to your specification.

Breadth of Solutions:
ACSI offers a wide range of products from simple gravity conveyors to large, complex distribution and sortation systems. We provide material handling for light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty applications. Our products include powerful chain driven pallet handling conveyors, transfers, turntables, transfer carts, drag chains, belt over roller, slider belt beds, accumulation & singulation, inclines, declines, many conveyor accessories, as well as many different sizes of gravity roller conveyors and skatewheels.

Short Lead Times:
ACSI has developed a customer-centric order fulfillment system we call ZIP Ship, which allows standard conveyor models to be shipped within one day for specific gravity conveyors, and within five days for specific power conveyor models. If these orders aren’t shipped on time, ACSI pays the freight!

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