Pallet Jacks & Lifts

Pallet Jacks

Lift and move pallets with ease and efficiency with our pallet jacks Looking for an affordable solution to move pallets? No worries! Pallet jacks can ease your load while staying within your budget. We stock 5,500 lb capacity pallet jacks in both standard (27″ x 48″) and narrow (21″ x 48″) styles. We can also special order to meet your special order to meet your exact needs.
Pallet Jacks - Storage and Handling

Scissor Lift Tables

by Presto
Presto Scissor Tables - Storage & Handling
Presto Lifts offers an unmatched selection of lift table styles, configurations and capacities. Our standard offering includes, Hydraulic Lift Tables, Pneumatic Lift Tables, Portable Lift Tables, Floor Height Lift Tables, Extended Vertical Travel Lift Tables and Super Heavy-Duty/High-Capacity Lifts. In addition to our standard product offering we routinely create custom modified units to suit special requirements.

Hand Trucks

A hand truck helps you carry large boxes and other items without hiring professionals.
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Storage & Handling

All the industrial material handling solutions and warehouse equipment you need from industry-leading manufacturers. New and used industrial pallet racking in Clearwater, Tampa Bay Florida. We provide warehouse storage racks and shelves. Buying and selling industrial racking.