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Need additional warehouse space and don’t know where it’s going to come from? You might have more space than you think. Go Vertical! Before you start the blueprints to expand your existing building or make the move to a completely new facility, consider that properly designed mezzanine systems can double or triple your space for less than the cost of new construction. Turn that unused cubic air space into much-needed storage, work areas or in-plant offices. The best part is warehouse mezzanines can be easily rearranged or expanded to make sure they support your evolving business.

Rely on us to design and install a mezzanine system complete with durable mezzanine floors, guardrails, stairs, landings, loading gates and even custom lifts and conveyor systems. The good news is you have plenty of styles and options. The better news is Storage & Handling Equipment will be with you every step of the way from design through installation.

Storage & Handling Equipment is an expert when it comes to warehouse layout and mezzanine design. Count on us to convert your existing shelving system to a super-efficient multi-level storage solution. We can transform one corner of your warehouse or your entire facility—the choice is yours.

Designing around columns, equipment, irregular walls or other space challenges is no problem for our experienced team.

panel built mezzanine


by Panel Built

As your company grows, so does the need for floor space and storage. Installing Steel Mezzanines in your warehouse or factory can practically double the space you have by adding a secondary floor above the warehouse floor. This new level provides you with more storage or even office space, without taking up any additional room on the warehouse floor. By reducing clutter in your warehouse, you can prevent workplace accidents, keeping warehouse injuries to a minimum and decreasing damage to equipment. Mezzanines meet OSHA and IBC code.

• Added manufacturing space
• Second level storage
• Multi-level offices
• Conveyor support platforms
• Equipment support platforms
• Maintenance catwalk access

Standard Options
• Modular bolt-together systems
• 3-point connections vs. in-shear
• A variety of decking materials
• Sturdy handrail with 4″ kickplate
• Heavy-duty columns & baseplates
• Heavy-duty prefabricated stairs and accessories
• 4-MIL powder coated steel components provide a superior level of durability against abusive, corrosive applications

Mezzanine Examples:

Mezzanine by PanelBuiltStandard Decking Options
• Advantech – This is a high quality product superior to ordinary plywood and OSB options due to its enhanced strength and moisture resistance
• ResinDek – This is high density composite flooring, recommended for mezzanines requiringa solid floor subject to heavy loads from the use of pallet jacks, carts or dollies
• Diamond Plate – This steel decking is considered to be our second most durable flooring
• Concrete Flooring – The most durable type of mezzanine flooring by far is concrete
• Press-locked Grating – This decking is a common choice in the waste management, mining, and food service industries

Modular Offices by PanelBuilt

Modular Offices

by Panel Built

When it comes to modular offices and warehouse offices, we do it all. From the most basic economical 10’x10’ prefab office, to an environmentally controlled clean room, to a two-story industrial complex. Panel Built can engineer a building inside and out, and custom design a modular office system to fit your specific production or administrative project.

We offer unlimited layout possibilities using freestanding four-wall designs or two and three wall systems, utilizing existing walls to save you time and money.

Standard Options:
• Three inch insulated wall panels in choice of white, gray, and champagne
• 22 gauge galvanized top decking and suspended acoustical ceiling
• Framing and all connecting hardware always included
• 3-0 x 7-0 20 gauge steel with 20″ x 30″ window and hardware
• Electric package includes junction boxes, breaker panel, light switch, duplex outlets, and 2′ x 4′ fluorescent fixtures

• Reusable, re-locatable, and expandable design
• Easy installation with minimal facility disruption
• Load bearing storage roofs available
• Variety of colors and finishes
• Solid construction withstands manufacturing and military environments

• White
• Champagne
• Gray

• Towers
• Storage
• Gate Houses
• Field Office
• Electric Sub Station
• Press Box
• Security Office

Standard Modular Wall Types


Modular Offices by PanelBuilt
Modular Offices by PanelBuilt
QuickShip Office - Storage & Handling

2-Day QuickShip Office

General Requirements
• 8’ or 10’ Walls
• 8’ x 8’ up to 20’ x 40’ (2’ increments)
• Standard Vinyl Covered Gypson Panels with Polystyrene Core
• Same Color Vinyl Both Sides
• Doors & Trim to Match Walls
• B-Deck Roof

Standard Options
• 3-0 or 6-0 by 7-0 Doors
• ¼” Clear Tempered Glass Windows (4’ x 3’ only)
• Through-Wall HVAC Unit
• 2’ x 4’ Drop Ceiling
• 6” Batt Insulation
• Standard Electric (duplex receptacles, switches, data, troffer lights)
• Color Options : Champagne, Grey, or White

HVAC Options (Through Wall & Heat Pump)
• Amana 9,300 BTU Cooling /11,100 BTU Heating
• Amana 12,000 BTU Cooling /11,100 BTU Heating
• Amana 18,000 BTU Cooling /11,100 BTU Heating

Freight Options
• LTL Carrier
• Customer Pick-Up

HVAC Systems

HVAC Systems

Wall Unit
Energy efficient cooling and heating performance in one self-contained unit. Effectively cools up to 11,700 BTU’s per hour. Removable condenser shroud permits convenient access to coils for regular cleaning, and includes washable, pull-out filters. All units are 100% run tested at the production facility, and proudly assembled in America. Unit will automatically activate fan motor and heater to prevent freezing when temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit are sensed. Another thru-wall option is a Packed Terminal Air Conditioner. These units have vents and heat sinks both inside and outside and are also a longer dimension.

Roof Unit
These units are similar to wall units, in that the air condenser and air handler are combined into one unit. However, the Coleman unit mounts on to the roof of the building. There is an air diffuser on the interior ceiling which also houses the controls for the unit unless the optional external thermostat is purchased. These units should only be used on flat roofs to avoid condensation leaks.

BARD (Wall Hung Package Unit) Units are generally used for larger areas that need a heat/ cool system that can easily be transported within the building. The system is still comprised of an air condenser and air handler, but they are contained in the same unit that is visible hanging on the exterior of the building. BARD units can be used in conjunction with ductwork to heat/cool multiple rooms with one unit. Two important considerations when using BARD units: is there sufficient ambient (cool) air to feed the system? Where will the condensation line drain to?

Split System
Mini-Split Systems are often used when adding HVAC to a new room or office in an existing building. Because there are no hallways to heat/cool, the air handler can be located on the wall or roof of the new room without running ductwork. These systems still operate with an air condenser located outside which feeds an air handler located inside the building. These systems can be used to cool multiple rooms. If there is no hallway or other large space between the room and the outside a mini-split system can be used

Barrier Rail

Barrier Rail, Protect Your Investment

Integrated Slide-In Guard Rail is just as strong as the bolt together design, but is easily removed by sliding the railing in and out of the post sleeves.

Bolt together design protects your equipment with either a single or double rail bolted to each column.

Between workman’s compensation and property damage, one forklift accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Protect yourself and your company with safety rail and bollards.


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