Carton Flow – Perfect Product Rotation!


Carton flow is a form of shelving that uses a gravity feed rear-load design. Each unit consists of one or more inclined runways. Merchandise is loaded in the rear of each runway. As an item is removed from the front, the item directly behind it slides forward in place of the previous. We have some used options in stock:


16”W for 42”D racks. 48 available $25 each

Rolling Pin option:

Approx. 15″W for 42″D racks. 60 available $20 each


Imagine you’re a slug of metal rolling down a conveyor belt. A massive die drops on you and you’re stamped into a shiny, perfect coin…

Are you moved and impressed?

I bought a globe at Woolworths

I put it on the conveyor, and when the cashier picked it up to scan it, I said, “be careful! That means the world to me!”

(True Story) The other day I was at a DIY shop, buying various tools for around the house. In my basket was a hammer, and when it travelled along the conveyor belt and reached the checkout girl I shouted ‘Stop!’.

She just looked at me blankly, and I was too embarrassed to finish the joke.

Cover Your Bases

Heavy Duty Bolt-On Post Protectors, 24”H, Used In Stock!

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